Ngarigu / Ngarigo

The Ngarigo is the Aboriginal people group whose traditional lands lie south-east of the Canberra area. According to Norman Tindale in his 1974 catalogue of Australian Aboriginal people groups, the specific areas lands of the Ngarigo are: the Monaro tableland north to Queanbeyan; Bombala River from near …

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Earliest reference to language name: 1846 (Lingard 1846)Meaning: Bidawal means ‘scrub dwellers’Sub-dialects: None identified. Generally, the people of this region are known as ‘Bidawal’ a likely derogatory description conferred on these people by their neighbours. Tindale (1974) has listed what he believes …

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Gunnai / Kŭrnai

The Yirruk-Tinnor Gunnai / Kŭrnai Language Program has been running for approximately 20 years and over that time it has had an enourmous amount of success in regaining the Gunnai Language of Gippsland. The aims of the program are: To …

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